15% off Billings for FYC Readers

After the Billings 3 giveaway went over so well, the kind makers of the software over at Marketcircle contacted us with a special offer for all of our readers who weren’t one of our lucky two. They gave us a special code to give out to the community that is worth 15% off of Billings 3!


The Code: fuelyourbilling, is going to remain active for the next 21-days. They have offered to leave the code open for the same amount of time as their free 21-day trial, so that everyone has time to give the software a practice run to see if it is the accounting program for them. If the software suits you and satisfies your billing and invoicing needs then you can use the savings code and take advantage of this special offer.

If you want a little background on this app, be sure that you stop by the review of Billings 3 that we did a few weeks back here on FYC. Once again, thanks to the Marketcircle team for graciously giving this discount to our readers. So if you entered and did not win the giveaway, or you missed the giveaway we did and are interested in getting your hands on the program then dive in with a discount!


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