15 Stunning Typography Portraits

I love browsing around the creative web for new inspiration. Lately I’ve been really attracted to bold & creative typographic portraits. It’s really impressive how one can express their thoughts & mood by arranging text within a shape. Below is a list of 15 stunning typography art which I found over the web. Some of you may have already seen certain artworks, but to those who have not, I hope you’ll gain inspiration through these creative works.

1. mos def lyric portrait | Cris Wicks

2. britney | Cris Wicks

3. Thom York in typographic style illustration


4. Neville Brody | Thierry Eamon

5. i give you desire | lupuscrystalus

6. John Lennon in Type | Dencii


7. RickRoll in Type | Dencii

8. Face Typography Style | faisali

9. Type Face | paperairplane

10. Weiland Type | CaliburlessSoul

11. Michael Jackson, Text Portrait | BenHeine

12. Che. | smLLan

13. 007 | saabe

14. Ze Frank Layout in Type | thewalker09

15. CAP Typography illustration | moratlitas

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