24 Kick Ass Portfolio Designs

My Top 24 Favorite Websites (Portfolio Focused) Please keep in mind the focus of this post was not the actual work inside the portfolio (although awesome), it was to show the best portfolio design websites.

Many of my choices happened to be one page design portfolios. I always tend to gravitate towards the one-pagers because of the simplicity and easy to follow flow. I don’t like to click around to hunt good work down. If it takes me more than 5 seconds to locate your portfolio – then I am off to another site. My own portfolio is a one page site. Through my research in finding the best designed portfolio sites I looked at grids (which always hold my attention), typography and navigation / layout of the site.

If your looking for even more inspiration in designing your new site or even thinking about updating, you can look at one page love, full single & one page folios for one page sites. I recommend wplovewp for looking at blog type portfolios & faveup for flash & css sites.

———————–<Top 23><in no order>———————–

Jason Reed
Great colors & Typography
Nice work section – simple overlay, very effective. Nice focus.

Diego Zambrano
Single page, colors are so vibrant. Great portfolio!

Robbie Manson
Nice use of white space & grid design

Paul Cayrol
One page portfolio – great spacing, work pops on the background. It’s delicious.

Rob Young
Very interesting navigation, make sure to click on project details,
it’s pretty cool.

Patrick Corrigan
Absolutely love this portfolio layout. Great design. Feels almost retro to me.

David Ruiz Rincon
I admit, I can’t read any of it but it kept my interest with the layout
of the page/portfolio & I love the subtle images in the background.

Christian Wieners
Minimalist. Great use of images under the transparent logo.
Very cool way to create a portfolio.

Scott Mackenzie
Lots of information but it’s laid out so nice it doesn’t bother me that the images are small. Nice work.

Ivan Aleksic
Nice interesting use of overlays, great site design.

Alex Dukal
Great Illustrator, this portfolio is a must see. Soft grungy feel.

Mike Peters
Nice clean layout, love the sliding buttons, great use of a one page site.

Shane Seminole Mielke
Portfolio layout is beautiful. Simple with a great focus on the work.

Chuck Anderson
Tasty! Just enough white space between these colorful images. Text nicely aligned.

Danny Blackman

Check out the scroll button. Wasn’t sure if it was too distracting at first but the
artwork as you scroll is really catchy. Feels like more than one page!

William Smith

These colors are done just right together. Can’t miss the featured work,
the integration of the portfolio has a really great style.

Cesar Villegas

Mmmm…black. I am a sucker for black & white. These paragraphs are fully justified which
looks amazing. Spacing, colors and images are perfect.

Sergio del Puerto

Love the newspaper feel, placement & large type with the work jumps out just right.

Alexandru Cohaniuc

Very crisp & clean. Make sure to check out the sliding left side. I like how it reveals the
selected work.

Takashi Nakano

The hierarchy is amazing. Love the thumbnails and text on the left. Simple & clean.

Sebastien Nikolaou

Lots of scrolling on this one pager. The lines are amazing & everything lines up perfectly.

Daryl Campbell

Love the pattern behind the work, it’s not too crazy and I can still focus on the images.
Simple yet so effective.

Leigh Taylor
This was my last entry-and I am glad I caught it before I published. This porfolio design
was literally JUST completed. I think this ranks in my top 2. The background is so subtle &
yummy. Great colors & my favorite part are the “buttons” & “tabs”. Great design!

Greig Anderson

This portfolio was brought to my attention – I hate it when I miss a good one! So because I
can — I am updating it to 24 Kick Ass Portfolio Designs. This one has a great feel, very tasty
& the work is awesome too. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed!


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