5 Fun & Informative Graphic Design Podcasts

In design, you’re either moving ahead or being left behind. Many of us are too busy to read up on the latest, greatest tips and tricks that will move our careers forward. Podcasts are an excellent way to brush up on what’s new, and the best part is, you can listen while commuting, working or walking your dog. There are a wealth of free podcasts available today aimed specifically at graphic designers. Here are 5 that I find particularly helpful and entertaining.

1. The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

Deeply Graphic is the new kid on the block, but with only 8 episodes under its belt, it has already found its stride. Each episode covers a new design related topic in a lively, conversational manner. Produced by The Deep End design studio in Los Angeles, the podcast features Wes McDowell, the studio’s lead designer, as well as Mikelle Morrison, an independent designer in Seattle and art director Brandon Voss, who lives in San Francisco. They have varied experience, and weigh in on issues from different viewpoints, which makes for a very interesting and entertaining show. Oh, and the topics they have covered so far are GREAT!

2. The Freelance Radio Show

Freelance Radio is the newer incarnation of Envato’s Freelance Radio. While not all graphic design, all the time, most of the principles the gang discusses have graphic design applications. The three hosts each have their roles: Dickie Adams is the hipster host, Kristin Fischer is the Jersey girl with a heart of gold and Von Glischka is the lovable curmudgeon. Aside from a lot of weather talk toward the beginning of almost every episode, there is a lot of great information and a lot of fun to be had in listening to this podcast. One caveat though: they seem to have slowed down production quite a bit. There seems to be only one 30 minute episode released every 3 or 4 months.

3. Designer Roundtable

While no new episodes have come out since July, the 15 episodes currently sitting on iTunes are a great backlog of practical design information that you can still use today. While the banter can be awkward at times, it is still chock full of juicy tidbits that any working designer could benefit from.

4. Rookie Designer

Squarely aimed at newbie designers, as it’s title implies, Kitty Florido and Jake Van Ness talk about multiple topics per episode. They have a very relaxed manner of speaking, and they do a very good job of not being overly dry or technical, so that listeners can grasp the concepts that they cover. And unlike Freelance Radio and Designer Roundtable, they continue to release a new episode on a regular 2 week basis.

5. Let’s Make Mistakes

Let’s Make Mistakes is produced my Mule Design Studio in San Francisco, and is kind of the Seinfeld of design podcasts. Not that it is particularly funny, as much as that it really isn’t about anything. There is a lot of small talk between the hosts, Mike Monteiro and Katie Gillum. Sometimes they get around to talking design, sometimes they don’t. The reason I put it on this list is that when they do talk design, these two have a lot of great insights to share, mostly in regard to dealing with clients. Mike has been in the business for along time, and runs a very successful shop, so when he preaches, you would be wise to listen.

Megan Kirby is a graphic designer specializing in typography, branding, stationery, fine paper products & wedding suites. She has had work featured in blogs, magazines, books & even had some work exhibited. Always on Twitter & Pinterest, a self proclaimed thrift store addict & a lover of orange cats.


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