A Look at Those Creatively Working Outside the Box

Everyday in this field, we see so many creative minds finding new ways to express themselves inside the design arena. It is always an inspiring thing to see when designers look at the world around them, and think of creative ways to apply their craft to it. Often times there are those designers whose work we may have missed had not it been for the watchful eyes of our loyal readers. So in that tone we wanted to showcase another group of creative designs where the designers have taken the leap to think outside the box and come up with practical applications for their inspired endeavors.

And make sure that you keep your eyes peeled as you make your way through the interwebs, and if you find any creative designers that we need to know about, then always drop us a line.

The Pixel Blog

Speaking of creatively reaching out of the box, the next showcase item, suddenly realizing how much that sounds like a line from the Price is Right, is taking the building block of digital renderings to awesome new heights, The Pixel Blog. Okay, so the amazing design is just once facet of what this imaginative design team is all about, but with a single browse through their polished portfolio you will understand the full scope of this design powerhouse. Remember the box? Well, it just got left behind.

Devoted to bringing a level of creative excellence to their clients work, they understand how to present their talents in stunning and original ways, letting their ingenious designs speak for themselves. Perhaps we should take a note from their play book on this one and do the same.




Jack Bresnahan – Tin Can Lids

Thinking green is not necessarily out of the box these days, but its mission to save the box and make it biodegradable is above an honorable one, so any opportunity to shine a light on designs like Jack Bresnahan’s environmentally minded Tin Can Lids is one we will take. Where Jack gets his out of the box thinking banner is through the imaginative repurposing of the tin cans through his environmentally easy toppers that transform empties into useful household items with the click of a lid.

Nick works with a specific mission in mind as he designs, and that is ‘anything that ends up in landfill is simply poor design’. It is through this statement that we see the responsible nature of his work fall into place, and perhaps it does more than creatively achieve its purpose, but it makes other designers take note and follow in suit. Making us look twice at objects before we throw them away to see another purpose that we can uncover (or cover in this case) there inside.




Petter & Kaspar Prinz, Philip Cristofor – Creative Search

Our next stop in the inspirational showcase is not only an out of the box idea, but it seeks out other boxes and incorporates them effortlessly into their design. This creative burst that screams of a thirst for information was developed by Petter & Kaspar Prinz, along with Philip Cristofor is called Creative Search, and boy is it ever. Once again, this is an example of thinking beyond the conventional borders and trying to design a flow of information for the online users that streamlines both the data and the presentation.

Combining multiple popular sites and information sources and bringing them all to one place to change the way the web searches for info in a very creative way. Simply enter what it is you are looking for in the search box, and Creative Search seeks out through the different outlets and delivers the results to you from the various streams. Hats off to the team behind this dynamic data retrieval hub. The box will never be the same.


Scott Campbell – Almost There Exhibition

Hypebeast recently posted an awesome feature that immediately caught our attention, where they recapped Scott Campbell’s Almost There Exhibition. Scott is a tattoo artist overall, but has taken his intricate eye for detail and transformed an every day staple in our lives and designed so many stunning works from them. Almost something that is beyond words, and you have to see to believe, Scott has carved his niche out of the box in a breathtaking way.

His creative efforts are executed with such artistic precision that they are designed to be transformative, and they meet this function with effectiveness. And if they are not designed that way, it must just be a side effect. Once again, his imaginative repurposing of currency may end up changing the way we look at the things we have, and see them in a whole new way.



Nick Hardeman – Mo’ Money, Mo Problems

Speaking of out of the box, Nick Hardeman’s project Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems, is such an innovative creation that it isn’t even in the same zipcode as its box. In fact, we had Nick provide an explanation for his design project.

The 1997 music video “Mo Money Mo Problems” from the Life After Death
album by The Notorious B.I.G focused on monetary gains, with over-the-
top scenes, and flashy clothing. The lyrics of the song revolve around
the problems that money brings.

This series explores the conflicting relationship between the message
of the song and the music video. Evaluating and interpreting the
visual content of certain sections in the music video, disconnected
from the audio, generate the images in this series. The custom
software analyzes the motion and color in the selected frames of the
music video to create the images. The only imagery added manually is
the background color. Render 00 is created from a selected scene where
Puff Daddy and Mase are dancing in a black tunnel with white lights
and are wearing red tracksuits.




Rob is the talented author and graphic designer, celebrated podcaster and poet, who is now the co-editor and imaginative co-contributor of Fuel Your Creativity. With a background working through most areas of the arts, Rob works from a creative wellspring that shows no signs of running dry.


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