A new Q & A Graphic Design site proposed from Stack Exchange

Ever feel like the online world is not full with enough good instructional design content? Over at Area 51, stack exchange’s awesome new staging zone there is a new site in the making. Can Berk Güder proposed the site idea. His basic concept:

Proposed Q&A site for professional graphic designers and non-designers trying to do their own graphic design (e.g. programmers creating icons/logos for their applications)

Screen shot 2010-07-20 at 12.45.10 AM

It’s had a good amount of proposed questions like: What is kerning?, Does this design look good?, Is it still important to use so called web safe colors anymore? etc. This would be a very good added resource to the design community. It’s also a place where knowledge and helpful instruction and learning could come from. Fuel Brand Network has become an official supporter in the cause for better more relevant content throughout the design world. If you are interested in this site hop over to Area 51 and sign up, commit to the project and help the design world have another great resource.

Designer, Maker of Things | Creative Director – @boomtownroi You should follow him on twitter @chadengle .


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