A Showcase of Eco-friendly Logo Designs

A recent Gallup poll indicated that 94% of consumers prefer to do business with companies that demonstrate that they care about the environment. This means that companies are doing more to show their eco-consciousness in more surprising ways, including designing an eco-friendly logo.

Designing an eco-friendly logo is pretty straightforward. Many start with symbols that represent the planet or nature, then use earthy colours like greens, browns and blues to further emphasise the eco-consciousness of the company. Somewhat coincidentally, they also tend to feature monochromatic designs.

Below is a showcase of ten striking designs to inspire eco-friendly logo designers.

Cool Earth

Cool Earth

Cool Earth is a charity that helps protect rain forests to keep the Earth cooler. Their logo takes inspiration from the ‘blue marble’ images of Earth from space, using the initials of the organisation to suggest a worldwide wind that cools and embraces the planet.

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste

An online resource to teach people how to make the most of the food they buy, Love Food Hate Waste uses its logo to connect food waste with green issues. The green background and the tomato replacing the O in ‘love’ makes the point succinctly and elegantly.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Whole Foods in an organic and fair trade supermarket. It only references its eco-credentials with the dark green colour. This colour, which brings to mind spinach and other leafy greens, is perfect for a company renowned for the quality and healthy benefits of its produce.

International Forest Carbon Association


The IFCA assists companies with the development and maintenance of their forest carbon projects. The logo is green, with a touch of blue, and it features a minimalist design that references a leaf. It is striking and easily recognisable. That makes it a great logo for an association that certifies a lot of companies’ green efforts and, as a result, is featured on any number of websites with wide-ranging designs.

Sierra Club


Environmental and conservation charity Sierra Club is one of the world’s first and one of America’s largest. Its logo therefore is a bit old-fashioned and direct, as long-standing logos tend to be. The logo features a redwood tree, a nod to the location that inspired John Muir, the organisation’s founder, to work to conserve the nation’s forests.

Ethical Fruit Company


A produce company that provides ethically traded organic fruit to national supermarkets, Ethical Food Company has a logo that is a soft brown, like the ground, and the heart in it has a leaf at the top, all of which emphasises the love they put into the growing and delivering of eco-friendly fruit

Green Options


Green Options is an online resource and forum for the eco-conscious. Its logo doesn’t have natural elements in it, but it does feature two shades of green – one that is light as a spring seedling and one that is dark like a mature tree. The G in the logo also looks like the British recycling symbol, further emphasising the ecological focus of the site.

Bishopston Trading Company


This ethical and organic clothing company has a logo that is dark green, with a leafy bulb. The font is reminiscent of the lettering on crates, which is appropriate for a company that imports fair-trade, organic cotton from a small Indian village.

Renewable Choice Energy

Renewable Choice Energy is an agency that advises companies on their renewable energy and carbon offsetting efforts. The logo is the colour of a pure, smog-free sky, with a wind turbine standing proud.

Good Energy Group

A clean energy provider, Good Energy chose a logo that looks like the sun, clearly a reference to the solar power that provides some of the electricity they pass on to customers

Neeru Bhangu works in design and marketing for a printing company, Print Express UK. She loves writing about new design trends and giving marketing advice. In her spare time Neeru enjoys long walks and London’s fine art.


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