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You know you’re great. We know you’re great, now we have to show THEM you’re great. There is a recipe for success when it comes to branding. A pinch of style, a dash of collaboration and a heaping spoonful of personality are just a few of the ingredients that will make your brand THE brand to watch. Fuel Your Branding knows this recipe, and we’ve got your shopping list covered. We’ve got articles about the movers and shakers in the industry as well as a healthy dose of brand building tools and tips. We’ll keep you up to date on trends and show you which strategies work-and which fall flat. You’ll be a cooking up a storm in no time.


Do you know how there are some companies that you would recognize anywhere? We at Fuel Your Branding want people to know your brand. As Editors of FYB, Beth LaPierre + Lisa Kribs tap into who’s who and what’s what in branding, including articles on the hottest trends, as well as interviews with people who are known for making things known.

branding-bethBeth LaPierre, Co-Editor

With ten years of experience as a Brand + Creative Strategist, Beth has worked with some of today’s hottest brands.  Equal parts right and left brain, Beth provides the tools to help you build your brand. When she’s not branding or creating, you can find her on her snowboard.

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Branding-Lisa-AvatarLisa Kribs, Co-Editor

Lisa Kribs is a digital brand strategist + music enthusiast by day and DJ by night. Lisa’s been playing “Stairway to Heaven” since 5th grade.

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Brock_Fuel_AvatarBrock Ray

Brock Ray is Chief Creative Officer of Brock Ray Creative, a small but accomplished marketing and design consultancy with a track record of delivering strategic marketing solutions for clients. When he’s not creating award-winning designs, he can be found brewing beer or obsessing over politics. Follow Brock on Twitter

Rohit_Fuel_AvatarRohit Thawani

Rohit Thawani is a 6’3” NYC-based branding and digital media consultant. He wonders why everyone has a reality TV show except him. Rohit believes that truly loving one’s work opens the floodgates for tidal waves of creativity (and tons of unpaid overtime). Follow Rohit on Twitter @Vohit4Rohit.


As president and CEO, Orit has established The O Group as one of New York’s most successful midsize graphic design firms. Orit understands the complexities of developing and promoting luxury brands. Orit’s other loves include her son Zackary, husband Paul, retreating to her lake house and designing fabulous gardens. Follow Orit on Twitter

mark-shipleyMark Shipley

Mark Shipley is President and founder of Wanderlust, a travel and destination marketing firm that specializes in communications strategies, Internet marketing, branding and management consulting for the tourism industry. Follow Mark on Twitter

camille_Fuel_AvatarCamille Friend

Camille Friend is a designer who works in both 2D and 3D – print and interiors – and a sporadically productive blogger on design-related subjects.  She is the founder of MIYO | STUDIOS, a creative firm specializing in design, branding, and identity projects. Follow Camille on Twitter