And one more thing… Thoughts on Steve Jobs


I grew up in the “i” generation. Where I’ve only played, purchased and used iTunes since its inception. I stood in line for the first iPhone as well as the next two… I purchased the first iPod, the second and a later generation… I watched keynotes through still pictures on “live blogs” to catch a glimpse of Steve hoping… For a “and one more thing”. I purchased technology because of it’s beautiful form and Steves energy.

Steve was an extrodinary person that the world will miss. He pioneered on various forefronts and his attention to detail was unsurpassed. As a creative mind, I learned many life lessons from his vibrance and his amazing life.

But, most importantly, I thank him for what he did as a person and my thoughts go out to his family and his extended apple family.

Thank you Steve…

Designer, Maker of Things | Creative Director – @boomtownroi You should follow him on twitter @chadengle .


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