Announcing the Winners of the Presidential Running Mates Contest

In May, we announced a fun and whimsical contest for Fuel Your Creativity’s designer readers: create a logo for a fictitious pairing of a real presidential candidate and a humorous running mate.

We received heaps of submissions, including the obvious choices — such as Romney & Seamus and Obama & Obama Girl — to much stranger pairings, like Romney and Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

After much deliberation, we selected our first place winner. We can’t imagine these two on the presidential campaign trail together, which just made it all the more humorous.

1st Place: Romney & Snoopy

User Blue Tusk Design took first place, with this logo that is both immediately endearing and humorous. The Snoopy and Romney collaboration bears the catchphrase “Believe in America: I Don’t Think That’s An Unreasonable Request” which captured an original Snoopy line in a way that felt relevant to the contest itself.

2nd Place: Obama vs Lolcats

Our second place prize was to go to the entry with the most Facebook likes, and Obama vs Lolcats by Tehtuna won by a thin margin. Tehtuna tried a slightly different approach by pitting the two contestants against each other rather than alongside each other, but it’s no wonder why this pairing took the public vote. Congratulations, Tehtuna — $200 is coming your way!

Honorable Mention: Romney & Snoop

We thought we’d throw out an honorable mention to 2SQUARE. It’s hard to even try and imagine how 2SQUARE came up with the idea of putting Mitt Romney and Snoop Dogg on the same team, because I couldn’t think of two people who seem to have more disparate views on sex, drugs, life and everything.

Take a look at all the submissions…

You can take a look at more submissions from this contest in our roundup of 12 of our favorite submissions, and the full set of submissions at DesignCrowd.


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