Balsamiq Mockups Review

What is Balsamiq?

One real pain in the neck in most designer’s process is often working with mockups. It seems rather straight forward, but the problem occurs when the client doesn’t like what you’ve done. It’s a lot of effort to make a perfect PSD mockup, only to have it rejected. There’s a solution to that called Balsamiq Mockups. Balsamiq is an application that allows you to easily and quickly created rough mockups.

The Interface

The best of Balsamiq is that it is fast and easy, which is due in part to the interface. The Balsamiq interface has a toolbar with all of the mockup elements in a convenient and organized list located at the top of the page. All you have to do is drag and drop the elements onto the page.


Balsamiq also has convenient editing tools, right on the page. When you place an item in the mockup, an editing box will appear, with everything you need right there.


Although the Balsamiq is easy and altogether very usable, it is not the best looking interface. Personally, I like clean applications, were everything flows together, and that was the only downside of Balsamiq. Although the look doesn’t affect the layout, it still can be somewhat of an annoyance in this extremely useful application.


Pros and Cons:


  • · Quick and easy
  • · Easy to learn how to use
  • · Click and drag pre-made elements
  • · Necessary layout elements for a quick mockup
  • · Easy editing tools
  • · Easy shortcuts for faster editing
  • · Import actual images
  • · Automatic guides
  • · Lock elements in place
  • · Comment, arrow, and other labeling tools
  • · Save to PNG/XML


  • · Not the prettiest interface
  • · Missing a few important layout elements
  • · Lacks coloring tools

In conclusion, Balsamiq is an extremely helpful application, with a longer list of pros than cons. If you’re tired of taking all the time out of your day, for mockups, then Balsamiq is definitely something worth looking into.


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