BEST OF: FYC Flickr Group Showcase of Artwork (2)

There is currently 256 members in the Fuel Your Creativity Flickr Group. I will continue to choose and comment on them once a month as long as the submissions keep coming in. If you didn’t get picked this month, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like the work – just far too many to pick from! Hope you enjoy these…and keep up the great work.

Have you joined? If you’d like to see your work posted on Fuel Your Creativity, join the FYC Flickr Group!

James White | Tutorial in Computer Arts #156

The colors & balance of this magazine cover is beautiful. My favorite part is the depth where the angles bend.

CaglarCity | Magic of Skateboard

Very good use of the space, this should be a tutorial.

Dario P. M (Atomsk) | Mente Creativa

These vectors are nicely done – the subtle splashes of color make it pop.

Axl | sorry

All I can say is wow. So much thought was put into this.

bcolbow | Railfood Unused Concept

This is a great layout, could see these being used as a theme. Colors work nicely together.

ironbondio | Burton Snowboards Wallpaper

Love the grunge effect, not overdone either. Perfect.

liammckay7 | Snippet: Snapii Logo

This logo moves in a nice way, nice and crisp too.

{KrinskyMenachem} | thought

Beautiful composition. Framed perfect & the color was a nice choice.

{KrinskyMenachem} | dance with me

Another nice composition – details behind are high quality.

James Whíte | 08 Congratulations

Another fine peice of art by James White. So simple and beautiful.


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