BEST OF: FYC Flickr Group Showcase of Artwork (4)

There are currently 1018 members in the Fuel Your Creativity Flickr Group, and we wanted to show our support for their labors of love this Labor Day with another installment of our FYC Flickr Group Showcase. Here we will focus our spotlight on some of our favorites that have been contributed by all of you. Those fine works of art that have moved us and kept us inspired. We will continue to choose and comment on the Flickr submissions, as long as the submissions keep coming in ;) . If you have yet to get picked do not get discouraged, it doesn’t mean we did not like the work you submitted… it simply means that out of the many to choose from (over 5000 entries) yours wasn’t chosen this time! Hope you enjoy the showcase, and keep up the great work.

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While ABBA may not be a favorite band of ours, we really love this gracious tribute to them. It could be the fun disco style typography, or there could just be something in the air tonight, Fernando.

We really enjoy the tone of this piece, set so brilliantly with such a subtle presentation…and it is not because it looks at all Tron-ish. But that sure didn’t hurt.

This next digital work of greatness, lands with us on so many levels that it is hard to describe them all here. We will simply say, this is what awesomeness strives to be.

Once again, you need not be a fan of the band being promoted to appreciate this retro styled artwork. This brilliantly energetic throwback more than inspires, it rocks!

Here is yet another great retroactively styled piece that we found among the multitudes, with a more simplistic approach. The abstract minimalism masterfully delivers in this wonderful work of art.

The next submission we wanted to feature is a fabulously fun photomanipulation that we just couldn’t pass up on this run through the Flickr group. So flawlessly crafted that its mere construction is artistic, even without the expressive elements jumping out at you from the screen.

Next on our jaunt through the group artwork, we come to an amazing piece for a number of reasons, to be sure. But what sticks out with us, in particular, is the way this piece achieves such a simplistic feel, whilst containing dozens of very intricate skeletal illustrations.

Next we find another breathtakingly beautiful addition to the Flickr group featured here in all its colorful glory. This vibrant piece comes fully loaded with an energy that exudes from within it and brings the art alive.

This next showcase piece was such an easy choice from the whimsical nature of the illustration alone. But couple that with the talented style mixing and graffiti graphic presentation that continues to draw our eyes straight to it, and there was no way that we could pass this one by for this go around.

On this holiday weekend, we look to another holiday falling on next month’s calendar, Halloween. At least in spirit, anyway. Get it? Cause of the cute little ghosty spirit in the image. Oh, the witticism. Anyway, this spirited rendering is clean and simple and just downright, adorable. (spirited…the wit won’t quit.)

Keeping on the funside as we cap the showcase off, we have another sharp clean vector that taps on our funny bones with an explosive rainbow of fluorescent vibrance that we cannot get enough of. Go on, taste the rainbow…metaphorically of course, please do not lick your monitors, it probably will not taste as good as the image might make you believe it would. ;)

That is all for now

That concludes this showcase, but keep the fantastic artwork flowing into the FYC Flickr stream, and we will keep up the features! See you on the flipside, and thanks again for all the wonderful works of art you all have submitted.

Rob is the talented author and graphic designer, celebrated podcaster and poet, who is now the co-editor and imaginative co-contributor of Fuel Your Creativity. With a background working through most areas of the arts, Rob works from a creative wellspring that shows no signs of running dry.


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