Billings Review and Giveaway **Winners Announced

As far as freelancing goes, there is only one area that it less fun and no where near as exciting as the overall work, and that is the accounting side of the coin. Freelancers generally all face this kind of detail drag through the less creative and more numerical areas or our arena, never fully relishing in the paperwork half of the equation due to its tedious and relatively boorish nature. But that is becoming a thing of the past in our freelance forum, as we have recently discovered Billings 3.


Billings is the time tracking, billing, and invoicing software that changes the game completely for all of the folks struggling to conquer their accounting matters. This extremely easy to use, award winning software takes care of so many of your billing needs that you will never look at doing your financials the same way again. With invoicing and account statements all readily awaiting your minor input and template selection, the once time consuming process of preparing this paperwork has been revised in a revolutionary and time saving manner.


Billings also keeps track of your client’s payments, and allows for billing single or multiple projects to your client at a time. Billings will manage the account information for each client, not only notifying you when a client’s payment becomes past due, but by also allowing you to set up a recurring billing cycle for your client which will automatically alert you when their payment initially comes due. When Billings tallies and tabulates your payments, it also tracks your taxes as well.


Project management, an important area of the freelancing lifestyle, has gotten a few more helping hands to improve your performance in this realm through Billings. With built-in time tracking software that easily allows you to start and stop the timer throughout your system, and even tabs out the total cost of the time spent on the project when an hourly amount is provided, this software manages your projects with grace and style.


With a handsome interface and so much flexibility of control, it is easy to see why Billings has become such a popular staple among the freelance community. It even has a bevy of built-in reporting functions to give the user a quick financial overview of all the managed data that it has tracked.


With its built-in integration to work with other programs such as Daylite, Merlin, and more, Billings establishes itself as the innovative billing and invoicing software leader that it has proven to be. From its initial launch to the latest version, Billings has become a popular Mac application whose stability and flexibility continue to set this software powerhouse apart from other programs in its playing field.


The Giveaway

After having the opportunity to try out this application, we are very excited to be able to offer two of our readers the chance to take this software home with them. The fine folks over at Marketcircle have graciously given us copies of Billings 3 to giveaway to two lucky readers so that they can see for themselves what all of the fuss is about!

To win, simply leave us a comment in the section below, and make sure it is attached to a valid e-mail address. And in a week from today, we will announce the names of the winners. It is that easy. So be sure to get entered before time runs out on this fantastic opportunity for freelancers!

The Winners Announced

Congratulations to our two winners of the Billings 3 giveaway:

  • William Barrera
  • Teo

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