Brandstack gets a new sibling. Introducing: Upstack


Brandstack, the creative marketplace for logos has an unveiled another way to market logo designs to the masses. Upstack. Upstack is a unique route for a person needing a logo, website, web design, advertisement or other creative service. Unlike the predecessor Brandstack, Upstack lets anyone build a team of hand-picked designers that are ready to burn the midnight oil to work on your project. Upstack manages all the processes by taking the client from the brief to the final design. This wastes no design time and spares no quality. They also do this without spec work which makes it something that isn’t frowned upon in the design world.

Brandstack is different from other crowd sourcing sites because the logos they market are from designs that didn’t sell in their agency ventures. Meaning, ideally a designer would make a client three logos and the two the client didn’t pick; he or she would fine tune and put on Brandstack to sell.

Wes Wilson, Brandstacks CEO says that the beauty of Upstack is that their designers are all at the top of their game in the respected industries: web design, print, advertisement, illustration & logo design. He also goes on to mention the best part about Upstack is: “Joining Upstack is joining the right against spec. Working on Upstack prokects, you will be paid upfront for your time & effort. Happy designers and happy clients. Happy happy joy joy.”

Some well known competitors, Crowdspring and 99 Designs also offer logos & identities at similar price. Their pay structure is different, paying the designer based on the work that is chosen. A client can ask for a logo and receive 50 or so logos that have been executed. The client then picks the winner and that determines who gets paid.


Company: Brandstack

Twitter: @Brandstack

Founded: April 2008


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