Bring bad design to justice (at work)

Ok, I admit it–this bugs me when I’m at work..non designers think they can design. People at work that are not creative automatically assume they know what looks good. By all means I do not know everything but I don’t pretend to. Come on people! Do you really think Microsoft Word or Powerpoint are design tools? Do you really think Comic Sans is a great looking font? Or even that clipart is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Which brings me to why I really took the time to post about this great website: Design Police.

They have a visual enforcement kit (which could come in handy at work). You can download it from their website. So simple, yet the best idea ever! Print out the PDF’s on some sticker paper and then the next time one of your co-workers drops in with a horrific sales pitch or horrible copywriting, stick one of these bad boys on!


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