Building Art: The Not So Subtle Art of Architecture

Art is around us all of the time, as designers, and it is easy to see the artistic nature or our surroundings leaking into our design works. The subtle interpretive elements that bring a piece of art alive seeping into the functional frameworks that construct the basis for our creations, until they begin to slowly meld the flow and the feel of the design with the artistic. We see it happening all the time, and it is an exciting, and often times, inspirational occurrence. An especially exciting place to see this artistry crop up is in architectural design.

Of course design of all kinds has to meet a level of functionality as is brilliantly discussed over on The Difference Between Art and Design, but we always expect more function from our architectural structures. Forgetting how wonderfully artistic these needs can be met. In this post we take a look at the more artistically crafted architectural designs, from concept to reality, as long as there is an artistic edge! Still serving their functions brilliantly, and innovatively changing the landscape of the world in which we inhabit. So take a look at the following showcase below.

Building Art

Architecture by b.




Paula Nogueron




C_Flots (apartments)



Individual Inspiration


[C]space DRL10 Pavilion by NEX Architecture


System for Living by David Eskenazi


Dwelling-house. Reconstruction by Anna Filodor


Eco Triptych by Sean Canty


Stockholm Nordic Crescent by D’


Link Building by Petar Pavlov


Pedestrian Bridge by Viva Archetcture


Counter Reformation Art and Architecture Museum by Amy Latten

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