Clothing Art – Less Function More Fashion

Somebody call Bruno, it’s time for Fuel Your Creativity to take a walk on the wilder side of fashion design, and look at the crossroads where art meets style, and function fades to that brighter shining star, fashionably hanging over its head, form. Here fashion struts its stuff, forsaking all traditional roles and daring to bow down to only one master. And that master is looking fabulous. The following showcase, Clothing Art – Less Function More Fashion, features those designs that make more than a statement with their clothing creations…they make art.

In most cases, in our day to day lives, fashion means little more to us than making sure our socks match our tie, or the pants we have on are set off by our belts, and in turn bring out our eyes, or something to that effect. Unless we are in that area of design, it is easy for us to take clothing for granted and not see the artform existing beneath the surfaces we only scratch unknowingly upon. However, the following pieces demonstrate this daring disciplines desire to strike out of the box and steal our attentions back to the artistry they are performing. And they do it brilliantly with brazen style, and a playful nature that will ensure you never look at fashion the same way again!

Let Fashion Takes Its Turn On The Catwalk

…on the catwalk, yeah! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the Right, Said Fred, moment. It won’t happen again. Maybe.) We hope you enjoy this inspirational showcase of some of fashion design’s finest.

Dress N3

Dress N3 (also known as the zipper dress) by Sebastian Errazuriz is composed of 120 separate pieces that you can zip together in a number of different ways to create various combinations / different outfits.





Shape Shifting Dresses

Hussein Chalayan’s Shape Shifting Dresses came at the end of his 2007 show, One Hundred and Eleven. Each piece started in one era and morphed into another. The video below shows one of the dresses in action. It’s something that a series of photos just can’t capture.




DIY Renewable Dress

The DIY Renewable Dress by Fernando Brízio has pockets sewn into the dress to hold washable markers. After about an hour, the marker ink has soaked into the dress creating a custom color scheme and pattern. The dress can then be washed giving you a clean palette to start all over again.





Light Colored Dresses

These dresses designed by Hamish Morrow are made of plain white fabric. They get their color and texture from lights projected onto the dress. While not practical at all in real life, it makes for one hell of a show.



Haute Couture

And, of course, we could not talk about clothing as an art form without mentioning the spectacular artistry that is Haute Couture.

Jean Paul Gaultier






Christian Lacroix



Christian Dior



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