Collaboration & Proofing / Creative Freelance Series

This is the continuation of the Creative Freelance Series (part 3) on Collaboration & Proofing/Approval. If you missed (part 1) on Project Management & Contacts or (part 2) on Invoicing, Time Tracking & Contracts, feel free to have a read and comment.

This is broken up into 4 parts and to make this a useful article, I am asking the creative community to participate as much as possible to gain insight into the applications/process you use and/or even worth paying for. Your answers don’t have to be long just concise. Of course I will weigh in with what I use (in the comments below).

The first 2 parts received detailed responses with some very helpful information. I hope you’ll continue to weigh in with parts 3-4!

The 4 Essential Parts:

1. Project Management & Contacts
2. Invoicing, Time Tracking & Contracts
3. Collaboration & Proofing / Approval
4. Paid Services (non-management)

3. Collaboration & Proofing / Approval
(ex. Mind Maps, GetSignOff, BackBoard )

The following questions cover both paid and non paid services:

a. Which tool do you use (if any) to collaborate on projects?
b. What do you use for managing the proofing (feedback) process and edits?
c. What process or tool do you use to get approval on projects?
d. What problems do you face in using your current processes?
e. Which tools / apps do you wish would communicate with each other?


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