CONTEST! JustInMind Prototyper – Comment to Win!


It’s Contest Time at FYI

Okay ladies and gentlemen, you’re reading right. It’s contest time. And the entry is about as easy as it gets! The prize is two licenses for JustInMind Prototyper, a wireframing tool that can be used to quickly and easily map out your application-based interfaces. There will be TWO winners! JustInMind is full of features that you (being the interface-creating geniuses that you are!) can use to build rich and beautiful, perfectly functional interfaces.

So here’s what you do:

  1. Go download a copy to try out.
  2. Come back to this post and respond with a comment of how you would use JustInMind, and state your case: why do you need a license for JustInMind? Also, include some kind of reflection on your trial use.
  3. We will deliberate. The comments must be posted before 11:59 PM EST next Wednesday.
  4. WIN! (or lose… but hey, you can’t win everything…)

And THAT’S IT! Tell your colleagues, Twitter peeps and Facebook friends to come join in for a chance to win!

Remember, keep the subject of the comments about yourself. Or if you’d like to positively vote towards another person, that’s welcomed as well. Nothing along the lines of “Billy Bob shouldn’t win because I think he is a horrible designer.” These kind of negative comments will be removed and will disclude you from the contest.


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