Copper Project -The Webs Best Project Management – Giveaway **Updated with winners**

Copper is a project management software tool that helps you and your team manage projects, tasks, clients, contacts, and documents online. Thousands of businesses in over 50 countries and across numerous industries choose Copper as their preferred PM tool.

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Copper is made for teams that need to plan and execute their projects quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. It’s like having a full time project manager keeping you and your team on track.

If you run any kind of design or web-related business, an internal marketing team, ad agency, medical team, education department, or any other special project team, once you’ve used Copper you’ll wonder how you ever did without it

Features Include:

  • Manage Clients, Projects & Tasks
  • Drag & Drop Timeline (This tool allows you to create and manage your project timelines, in seconds)
  • Allocating People and Booking Time & Resources
  • Logging Hours and Comments
  • Storing Files & Folders Pertaining to Specific Projects
  • Tracking and Managing your budgets & Invoices
  • Importing and Exporting Data (including your MS Project XML files, Syncronization of your Outlook or iCal calendars, Import and export of your Contacts via vCard, CSV & PDF exporting of Reports, Quotes and Invoices, or full backup & restore of your entire Copper database via the Admin console.)
  • Project Timesheet Reports
  • Plus Many More (take a full tour here)

“What do we think of Copper? Its super!!! Currently our whole creative team (online and offline), our data/crm dept, and our client service team use it. We’re now working with Ben and the crew at Element Software to tailor the product to suit our unique requirements, what other software company is so responsive?” – Yannis Piperakis-Papadakis, CIO OgilvyOne Worldwide

“We have a complex creative pipeline that includes everything from commercial shoots to software development and Copper is flexible enough to handle it all. The tools are intuitive, very well thought out, and best of all backed by developers who are committed to supporting their customers. It’s great!” – Neil McBean Rival Schools

The Goods

20 Free Copper Accounts

How To Win

Tell us the reason you think you deserve a free account. We love real answers. “I really need this account to further my design career by helping me keep track of my work”. Something like that is always a winner over “OMFG I NEED THIS STUFF NAOWZ”.

When Will I Know

Winners will be chosen next Monday (March 28th 2011)

The Winners

QubeSys Tech
Troy Bowman
5. Greg
10. Aleksey
Jean-Paul de Jong
Samantha Prinsloo
15. Chanelle Henry
Helene Bowman
Martin Lidman
Marty White
20. George Edwards
  1. QubeSys Tech
  2. Aura
  3. Cisco
  4. Troy Bowman
  5. Greg
  6. demogar
  7. jeffrey
  8. brian
  9. Tony
  10. Aleksey
  11. Megan
  12. Jean-Paul de Jong
  13. Samantha Prinsloo
  14. Vasco
  15. Chanelle Henry
  16. Helene Bowman
  17. RJ
  18. Marty White
  19. Susan
  20. George Edwards

If your name is on the winner list please contact me at chad(at) to get your free account!!

Designer, Maker of Things | Creative Director – @boomtownroi You should follow him on twitter @chadengle .


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