Creative Discussion – What Gets Your Creative Butt In Gear?

In our first Creative Discussion on beating the creative blocks we tackled an issue that most people who are involved with the creative process have run into, a problem of inspiration. In this month’s discussion we are addressing a different sort of bump in the road, a problem of motivation.

For creatives and non-creatives alike, sometimes the issue that arises is not necessarily a block of ideas, in fact, there may be times when you have an over abundance of inspiration, but you just cannot seem to get started. For whatever the reason, we come across the times when we are unable to find the drive to push us forward and into action.


Remember this is an open discussion with the creative community, so feel free to chime in below in the comments to keep the flow of dialog moving. After leaving the discussion open for the month, we will be compiling some of the responses into a post on the topic at hand, so be sure to keep checking in on the talk as things develop.

What Gets Your Creative Butt In Gear?

Alright everybody, the torch has been passed…Discuss!


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