Creative Fuel #3: Sass Resources, 3D Virtual Tours & FontShop’s Photoshop Plugin

Fuel Your Photography's Facebook cover photo of the month.

Fuel Your Photography's Facebook cover photo of the month.

Creative Fuel is a periodic collection of design and creativity awesomeness found around the web. Find out about new apps and services, the best freebies, and other significant news from the design community!

35 Great Resources for Compass and Sass

With front-end design getting more and more attention in web development these days, it’s not a wonder that the two are beginning to meld into one. It is crucial to maintain consistency and efficiency in web projects and Sass/Compass tackles this head on. In geek speak, Sass is a meta language integrated with CSS that makes stylesheets more manageable and less repetitive. This simply means you can create CSS without copying and pasting and having to constantly search for previous style references.

35 Great Resources for Compass and Sass on Fuel Your Coding.

40 Clever Negative Space Logos


Negative space is a slightly more advanced tool of logo designers. Where white space is used to give a design space and compositional cohesion, negative space creates the illusion of an element being in the design that is in fact not there. It does this using the lines of other shapes and the space between them. In this piece, we’ll look at 40 negative space logos for your inspiration.

40 Clever Negative Space Logos on Fuel Your Branding.

The World’s First High Dynamic Range 3D Virtual Tour


Here’s a fascinating project from Will Carey, where the world’s first high dynamic range stereoscopic 3D virtual tour was made, with the Hurd Library as the subject. Check it out at Behance.

Learning to Code? Codecademy Adds Beginner Languages HTML and CSS

Mashable reports that Codecademy, which has so far only taught JavaScript, is adding more basic HTML and CSS classes to the program to help real beginners get a leg up. Codecademy also reports plans to expand to more and more languages in the future.

While JavaScript is used to build applications, HTML and CSS are the basic building blocks of webpages. New programmers typically learn how to use them before any other programming languages, and by including them on its site, Codecademy will become a more viable option for true beginners.

EuropaType joins Typekit


Typekit has welcomed yet another foundry to the service. This time it is EuropaType, who you probably know for their popular Europa font, and some others such as Mono45 Headline and Motor. You can check out the fonts and Typekit’s demo at their blog.

FontShop’s Photoshop plugin lets designers try 150,000 fonts for free

One of the most annoying things about designing with new fonts is that it is really hard to see how said font will fit in with your design until you buy it, install it and give it a whirl in Photoshop. The Next Web reports that FontShop has released a Photoshop plugin that lets designers test their catalog of 150,000 fonts in their mockups, all for free. This will no doubt make FontShop a mint, but it’s a fantastic idea for designers.

FontShop, one of the largest purveyors of typography on the Web, has released a new Photoshop plugin that allows designers to instantly test out over 150,000 fonts before buying. The plugin, while still in beta, is already impressive in terms of its potential, allowing anyone to explore typography without making purchases up front.

Discuss: Spec Work Results from Web Design Survey


Here’s an interesting report from Envato’s freelance web designer survey that reveals some facts that, to some, might be unexpected. The errant vocal minority who claim there is never a situation where spec work is an acceptable or even good idea are in fact much smaller than their impassioned cries would otherwise indicate.

As with most industries that have been disrupted by web technology, the design industry is slowly coming to terms with the fact that crowdsourcing isn’t all bad and has introduced people who would never otherwise have considered purchasing design services to the industry, all while the design industry at large continues to grow and individual designers on average increase their earnings.


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