Creative Fuel #4: Free Icon Sets, Sass Refactoring, Type Pairing & the WordPress Economy

Creative Fuel is a periodic collection of design and creativity awesomeness found around the web. Find out about new apps and services, the best freebies, and other significant news from the design community!

Design Freebies: 365psd Icon Sets

365psd has published a whole lot of great free PSDs since our last Creative Fuel, but they’ve just released two fantastic icon sets. A lot of high quality icon sets have gone premium, so every freebie in your resources folder helps. Make sure you grab Micro and Pixel.



The Most Gorgeous Alarm Clock App You’ve Seen


Recently, FUEL reader and former Apple designer Sebastiaan de With emailed me to tell me about the app he designed for his new employer, doubleTwist. It’s an alarm clock app for Android, and it looks amazing.

Want to use Sass in your app, but dread migration? Here’s how Wildbit did it.


Sass is great, and if you missed our Sass & Compass resource guide at Fuel Your Coding, you should check it out now. Many of us who have coded projects with handcrafted CSS in the past would love to switch them to Sass, but refactoring all that CSS can be a huge job. Wildbit engineer Eugene Fedorenko has posted on how their team refactored over 14,000 lines of Beanstalk CSS to Sass.

Type Connection: A Typographic Dating Game


Aura Seltzer created Type Connection as her MFA thesis project. It’s a game that teaches you how to pair typefaces. If you find yourself reaching for your Xbox controller whenever you get stumped on your latest design, reach for this one instead every now and then!

Designing With Audio: What Is Sound Good For?

Smashing Magazine has published a piece on the use of sound in web interaction design. Most designers ridicule sound and reference the days when badly scored MIDI files would play alongside animated GIFs. Karen Kaushansky discusses how sound can be appropriate and enhance user experience when used appropriately.

What’s Going On In The WordPress Economy?

While we’re talking about Smashing Magazine, check out this thorough report on the state of the WordPress economy. If you haven’t been involved for a while, this will bring you up to speed.

If you’re interested in the subject, check out this piece I wrote last year that Matt Mullenweg called the definitive piece on the matter, “WordPress: The Free Software With a Big Economy & How You Can Get Involved“.

Scrabble Typography


Available this August, you can order a premium edition of Scrabble that designers will love. Scrabble Typography Limited Edition, with a run of 1,200 units, will set you back $199 and provide you with a wide range of typesets to play Scrabble with on a gorgeous walnut gameboard.


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