Creative Fuel #6: Music Vectors, Creating a Typeface & Web Design’s Lack of Critique Culture

Creative Fuel is a periodic collection of design and creativity awesomeness found around the web. Find out about new apps and services, the best freebies, and other significant news from the design community!

Design Freebies: Music Vectors, Login Form & CSS3 Buttons

Building a music app? We’ve got free vectors for common features such as shuffle and repeat from 365psd. Also from 365psd is a modern, minimalist login form. Finally, Smashing Magazine has released a heap of buttons for 72 different social and web services — all in CSS3, including the little icons.

Check them all out:




CSS Trick: Triangles with Shadows

Everyone knows you can draw triangles with CSS3, among many other things (such as the icons on those buttons above). But you can’t then apply a shadow to the triangle. Chris Coyier shows us how to use a whole bunch of obscure Unicode characters as vectors you can apply shadows to in your web designs.


Typography: Creating Novel Pro


I Love Typography has posted the story of the Novel Pro typeface family’s development, written by its creator, Christoph Dunst. It’s a reasonably long page, but a good read.

Boulton: We need a critique culture


Reputable web design Mark Boulton talks about how a culture of critique in art school and the workplace has helped him grow as a designer, and how the web design industry lacks this — partially due to its reliance on distributed teams and remote working. Boulton proposes a way we can build more of a critique culture. Well worth a read, plenty of thought and discussion.

Weathered brick wall photo by Shutterstock.

Quick Tips: How to Speed Up CSS Rendering

Onextrapixel presents a basic guide on speeding up your CSS rendering time and writing more efficient CSS in general, by designer Faraz Karimian. Well worth a look — if you’re building fairly complex designs, these tips will really be helpful, but it is good to make them habits before you need them.

The Font Wars: A Story on Rivalry Between Type Foundries


Simon Loxley has written a fascinating history of IP theft and rivalry between type foundries over the years. Check it out at Smashing Magazine.


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