Creative Fuel #7: Free PSDs, Sass vs LESS & Dangerous Workplaces

Creative Fuel is a periodic collection of design and creativity awesomeness found around the web. Find out about new apps and services, the best freebies, and other significant news from the design community!

Design Freebies: Login Box & Product Selector PSDs

365psd has released some great freebies this week, including this login box and product selector.



New Quatro Slab Styles on Typekit


Up until now, Quatro Slab has been available on Typekit only in an Ultra Black style. For fans of the typeface who may have been frustrated at their inability to more flexibly integrate it into their designs, Typekit has announced the addition of nine new styles for this font in their library. Find out more here.

Pears: Free WordPress Theme for Your Next Interface Patterns Site


Ever wanted to start an interface pattern site with paired HTML and CSS patterns? Only briefly, you say? Well, thanks to Dan Cederholm, you can now set one up in about the same space of time it takes you to contemplate the idea. Pears is a free WordPress theme set up for exactly this purpose. Even if you don’t have dreams of becoming a web pattern baron, you could set up a version for your own use or your team’s use if you have plenty of reusable elements to keep track of. Check it out.

Sass vs LESS: Chris Coyier Detangles the Mess


Choosing Sass or LESS as your CSS preprocessor choice has been a matter of date for as long as the two projects have existed. As Coyier of CSS-Tricks points out, you’re on the right track if you’re using a preprocessor at all. But what are the finer deciding points between the two tools? Check out the decisive breakdown at CSS-Tricks.

Hate Your Chair? Get Your Workplace Perspective Here

It can be easy to forget how easy many creatives in the new age have things. Most of us work from our homes, and our biggest complaints are that we wind up house- or office-bound, and that our chairs aren’t comfortable enough.

A good dose of perspective always fixes thing. Watching this video this morning, I am pretty sure I could feel the adrenaline pooling in my feet. I really do like you, uncomfortable chair.

Found via The Verge.


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