Departika launches Mediaslap Photoshop Brush Site + FREE Samples

Departika is pleased to announce the launch of Mediaslap, a new online resource that sells
Photoshop brushes created by the Mediaslap team and hand-selected artists from around the
world. The new website provides Photoshop brushes of the highest standard to designers,
scrapbookers, photographers, design agencies, and do-it-yourselfers.

The initial version of the site includes a limited selection of products and a variety of licensing
options available for download. Mediaslap is accepting product submissions from artists and is
providing accepted contributors a 60% share in the revenue.

Based on user and contributor feedback, Mediaslap will expand quickly in the coming months to
include additional products and tools that provide added value for the contributing artists and
designers. Mediaslap aims to become the best resource possible for selling, finding, and licensing
Photoshop brushes. For more information on partnerships and artist opportunities with
Mediaslap, visit

Download all the Mediaslap Photoshop Brush Samples:
• “ sampler” folder includes 19 Photoshop brush samples from 18 Mediaslap sets.
• “ Holiday” folder includes the entire Holiday Set of 25 brushes.
• “ Bangin Borders” folder includes the entire Bangin’ Borders Set of  20 brushes.


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