Design Icons: The Airstream

The Airstream has been referenced for its clean styling, beautiful silver color and it’s iconic shape. For some airstreams are a way of life for others a way of relaxing. Wally Byam was the genius mind behind the iconic shape. In 1936 the first Airstream was produced and dubbed the clipper.


The airstream was the first of the now familiar sausage-shaped, silver aluminum Airstream trailers. Of more than 400 travel trailer builders operating in 1936, Airstream was the sole survivor of the Depression.


During World War II travel became a luxury that most could not afford. The Airstream has progressed to being one of the most well known trailers in the US. Mini made by BMW recently teamed up with Airstream to make a custom trailer to match a modified Mini Cooper. The combo was a fun with clean crisp design at heart. They were available in fresh colors and flower prints. The Airstream even had a built-in sun-bathing bed.


The Airstreams legacy has lived through the past decades and will be around for many more to come. You have to admit, it’s hard to argue with something that has such clean lines and a beautiful silver shine. Getting older just means that you can finally afford to get an airstream.

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