Design RSS Roundup 50+ Feeds

I read my RSS Feeds on a daily basis not only to keep up with the latest news but to see where trends in design are going, to learn new ways of doing things and to get other people’s insight on topics. It’s very useful in my every day life, but I must admit – it’s really hard to keep with it ALL the time. I used to have over 150 feeds and it was out of control. I slimmed down to about 60 feeds from the original list.

I am very interested in what you have to say about this topic. Do you rely on feeds for information? Or do you just visit the website instead? If you are an RSS subscriber, do you subscribe to any of the feeds on my list? Are there any important ones you feel that are missing from my list? If so, please shoot me a comment…

Below is my current list of feeds that I subscribe to. Maybe this list will help if your new to RSS or maybe you haven’t heard of some of these. Enjoy!

If you would like to import all the feeds, I have made the opml file available for download.

  1. A List Apart
  2. AisleOne
  3. all about freelance
  4. All Tips / Behance
  5. Authentic Boredom
  6. Featured Articles
  7. Better Living Through Design
  8. BittBox
  9. Blog.SpoonGraphics
  10. Blue Ant Studio
  11. Brand New
  12. Carsonified!
  13. ChangeThis
  14. Codswallop
  15. Coroflot’s Creative Seeds Blog
  16. Creative briefing
  17. Creative Guy
  18. Creative Notes
  19. Creativebits
  20. Daring Fireball
  21. David Airey
  24. Departika Blog
  25. Design By Grid
  26. design fckr™
  27. Design Float / Popular Entries
  28. designfruit
  29. Elliot Jay Stocks
  30. FaveUp – latest designs
  31. Freelance Folder
  32. FreelanceSwitch – The Freelance Blog
  33. Hell Yeah Dude
  34. i love typography
  35. Jason Santa Maria | Articles
  36. Just Creative Design
  37. LifeClever ;-) Tips for Design and Life
  38. Logo Design Love
  39. Mike Industries
  41. Octwelve
  42. Outlaw Design Blog
  43. PSDTuts
  44. Put Things Off
  45. SimpleBits
  46. Six Revisions
  47. Stylegala
  48. Subtraction
  49. SuperfluousBanter
  50. swissmiss
  51. Typesites
  52. Typographica
  53. UNEASYsilence
  54. Vecteezy
  55. Veerle’s blog
  56. Web Designer Wall
  57. xBlog: The visual thinking weblog
  58. Fuel Your Creativity


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