Drawing the Line

There is a rush of anticipation one feels upon cracking open a fresh sketchbook. The blank page is a small area yet also an expansive laboratory for the creative process. Over time and around the world, artists have developed many ingenious techniques to advance their creative reach.

Despite this, one of the most powerful means we have to develop concepts is deceptively simple: ink on paper. Far from fading in popularity, the fascination with sketching is exploding. Flickr groups like MoleskinerieLine Drawing and The Drawing Club are growing as international professionals and hobbyists inspire each other.

In the following excerpts from Flickr, we see how these artists utilize simple lines — clean or grungy; thick and thin; controlled or spastic — not only to recreate reality, but to create their own realities.

Sam Wilson is a creative strategist and epicsmallist. He likes to grow and talk about ideas. Say hello to him on twitter at @storypixel.


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