Finding Inspiration in Type + Color

Last week I wrote a guest article for Andrew over at myinkblog. Here is a little snippet of the article and if you’d like to read the full version, head on over and check it out!

Plenty of you that stop over here at myinkblog have most likely seen most, if not all of these sites before. Have you ever really looked at them? Closely? Many of the typefaces used in these examples I chose are all pretty similar. That’s not a bad thing. You can find inspiration in almost anything! Today I am focusing on type + color, and have written a line or two underneath each choice I have made to display below. It’s crazy how many combination’s can be created with color + type and movement too. You may find yourself going back to these sites to look at them more closely. I hope you draw some inspiration from this article.

North Temple – Combining graphics and layers into type, not too much, not too little. A great flow.

ipleadthefirst / Andy Mangold – Great hierarchy & color. The mix of bold, upper lower & uppercase are just beautiful. Be sure to read the article while your there.


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