Forget the mailbox, get it online…

How would you feel about never having to visit your mailbox again? With an online PO Box you’ll manage your postal mail as easily as your email. View scanned images of your sealed envelopes online, then choose to have your mail securely scanned into a PDF document, recycled, shredded or forwarded to you or someone else.

I think this is great for a few reasons:

  1. going green is all the rage
  2. perfect for people who travel often
  3. skip over all that junk mail and save only what YOU want to
  4. archive mail more functionally / save to a hard drive

I’d love to try it out but I do have some hesitation. They say it’s secure and private, but is anything secure these days? You can check out Earth Class Mail for yourself.

I’d love to know what everyone’s thoughts are, would you convert to online mail? Why or why not?


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