Friday FUEL Fix (09/18/09)

Well Friday has come again, and this week on FYC we wanted to do a little something special to cap off the week and send our readers off to their weekends with a little something extra. So we put together the idea for the Friday FUEL Fix. With so many great followers on Twitter, so many Flickr members contributing to the FYC Flickr group, and some awesome additions to the FUEL Brand Network we decided we would feature a little bit from all three areas in one post to show our appreciation for and of the people, designs, and posts we have chosen to feature.

FYC Twitter Follow Friday

We have thousands of great followers on Twitter and we really wish we could feature them all, because they really do so much for improving our online experience. But we will take some time when doing these posts to pass on a few recommended Tweeps that you should also be checking out. Thanks to all of you who take the time to help share our works and interact with us on Twitter, and here is the first of our Follow Friday post inclusions.

iblend @iBlend Louis is a great person to follow, always helpful and has a stream of stellar content.

jesslodge @jesslodge Jessica is somewhat new to the FYC Twitter family, but she is friendly and fun to follow so check her out. (besides anyone tweeting Pulp lyrics is a-ok in our book ;p)

f5 @fffffive Henry is another must follow, being another extremely friendly and helpful tweep. He is always more than a pleasure to interact with, he is a joy!

fontburger @fontburger Christina is another tweep that is fairly new to our stream, but she has quickly established herself as a resourceful and knowledgeable tweep. You won’t go wrong giving fontburger a follow!

megalone @megAlone When it comes to personality and pizazz, megAlone has got both in spades! She is always great to interact with and share in a laugh or in a link.

The FUEL Fix

Like we said before, we have so many amazing sister sites in the FUEL Network that we want to shine our spotlight over on the content that their awesome editors and writers are putting together. Each of these fantastic FUEL sites is loaded with inspiring and insightful posts and discussions so take a look down through the showcase and see if you have missed any of these must-reads.

Fuel Your Blogging

bloggingTim Smith has just hit the ground running with this week’s launch of Fuel Your Blogging, so make sure you keep up with the FYBlogging bunch as they build on a smashing debut!

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Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Blogging
Spill It: How Do You Write?

Follow on Twitter@fuelblogging | timothybsmith@

Fuel Your Branding

brandingBeth LaPierre has quickly established Fuel Your Branding as an incredible resource for all things related to the building and maintaining your personal or professional brand.

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Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Branding
Branding for a Competitive Advantage

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Fuel Your Photography

photography Stacy and Thaynes have been hard at work turning the photographic world on its eye over at Fuel Your Photography. Keeping that eye inspired is no easy task, but they are rocking it!

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Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Photography
Choosing The Right Camera for YOU

Follow on Twitter@fuelphotography | @stacychristian | @thayneshumway

Fuel Your Apps

apps Chad Engle is the inspired mind behind the Fuel Your Apps team, and he is keeping you completely dialed in to the apps scene. Well, that is if you are checking out what this awesome app site has to offer. If you aren’t, you are missing out.

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Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Apps
How To: Grow Your Fanbase

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Fuel Your Illustration

illustration Alex Eben Meyer has also recently set the ball rolling over at Fuel Your Illustration down a promising slope of greatness, that seems to only be gaining speed and ground as he blasts through the Illustration side of the design world.

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Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Illustration
5 Great Draftsmen: Franklin Booth

Follow on Twitter@fuelillustrate | @ebencom

Fuel Your Interface

interface Jonathan Cutrell has taken off at breakneck speeds since the launch of Fuel Your Interface, and he shows no signs of stopping. Bringing you all the insights and outsights of digital interfacing in all its many representations.

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Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Interface
Interface 101 – Part Two: Advanced Interfaces

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Fuel Your Writing

writing Michelle Krasniak Oxman, the ingenious wordsmith behind the Brand and head of Fuel Your Writing, has assembled a brilliant bunch of writing pros and enthusiasts to take the writing world by storm!

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Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Writing
The Road to Getting Published: Debbie Riley-Magnus’ Story

Follow on Twitter@fuelyourwriting | @mishikraz

Fuel Your Coding

coding Doug Neiner is the coding guru driving the entire FUEL Network and also steering Fuel Your Coding. With the help from some wonderful writers, the FYCoding crew always delivers the latest and greatest from all of code’s creations.

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Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Coding
Creating Your First Ruby on Rails Application From Scratch

Follow on Twitter@fuelyourcoding | @dougneiner

Fuel Your Creativity Español

Do not be mistaken, just because FYC Español is another Creativity incarnation in the Network that they have all the same posts and content as the English counterpart…far from it! Javier and his team have assembled some hard hitting and awesomely inspired material for the Network so make sure that you get your bilingual butt in gear and get subscribed to FYC Español!

Fuel Your Creativity Japanese

Once more, this incarnation of the Creativity site, FYC Japanese, is jam packed with fresh content and inspired articles. Aki has crafted an astounding arsenal of posts that are sure to get your creative fires burning without end. If you have not been checking out the feed from FYC Japanese, then you are definitely missing out on some stellar design related inspiration. So get on over and check them out!

FYC Flickr Group Showcase

Here are a few of our favorites that have been contributed by the community over at FYC Flickr group. Always inspiring, so keep up the great work!

James White : Signalnoise for WiredUK Magazine


Berto Legendary H : My New Logo

LuizDG : urban design

Shimmer and Glow : Rain

Rob is the talented author and graphic designer, celebrated podcaster and poet, who is now the co-editor and imaginative co-contributor of Fuel Your Creativity. With a background working through most areas of the arts, Rob works from a creative wellspring that shows no signs of running dry.


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