Friday FUEL Fix (11/06/09)

Call Craig and his cousin Day-Day, everybody, it’s Friday! And this week on FYC we felt that it was time for another fix, in fact we felt that with all the great FUEL content that has been coming out recently, that it was overdue. So we assembled a little November rain in the form of a Friday FUEL Fix (was the rain a good thing in the song…it’s been a while. I guess if it inspired a song, it was a good, right? Moving on). We usually take a look at some Twitter followers in the fix, but we thought we would mix it up this week and look at some lists, not to mention give a nod to some Flickr members who have been contributing to the FYC Flickr group. So strap yourselves in, this ride is just getting started.

Twitter Lists You May Want To Look At

With the latest addition of lists to Twitter, the home of that little blue bird has been the place to be, and lists are the latest buzz that are stirring things up in the nest. So we thought that we would take a moment in this post and recognize some of those who have begun building helpful and community oriented lists, expanding Twitter’s ability to engage its users in on a whole new level.

urbanjungleboy @urbanjungleboy’s Design Resources list

myinkblog @myinkblog’s Top Design Blogs list

ilovetype @ilovetypography’s Type Foundries list

designcoyote @designcoyote’s Awesome Designers list

willpowered @Will_Powered’s Creative Community list

The FUEL Fix

As we have said before, there are so many amazing sister sites in the FUEL Network that we want to keep our spotlight shining over on the content that their awesome editors and writers are continuously putting together. Each of these fantastic FUEL sites is loaded with inspiring and insightful posts and discussions so take a look down through the showcase and see if you have missed any of these must-reads.

Fuel Your Motionography

Fuel Your Motion has stepped up to the plate and continues knocking them right out of the park with powerful and poignant post after post coming in from the youngest site in the FUEL ranks. Editors Christy Lai and Michael A. John and their team are keeping your graphics in motion for sure.

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Motionography
As We Walk Through the Uncanny Valley

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Fuel Your Blogging

blogging Editor extraordinaire Tim Smith has taken his team of writers and Fuel Your Blogging to brilliant heights in the short time that they have been apart of the FUEL family. Taking the blogosphere by storm and leading them towards a better more informed horizon.

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Blogging
Should You Write Short or Long Blog Posts?

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Fuel Your Branding

brandingThe Branding team has quickly established Fuel Your Branding as an incredible go-to resource for all things branding related. Editors Lisa Kribs and Beth LaPierre are delivering on their promise to bring the community the best tips and tales on building and maintaining your personal or professional brand.

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Branding
Building Trust Into Your Brand

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Fuel Your Photography

photography Editors Stacy Christian and Thayne Shumway have built a resource that no photog enthusiast or pro should be without in Fuel Your Photography. And the site just keeps the helpful and inspired content coming.

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Photography
5 Ways to Improve Pictures for your Blogs

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Fuel Your Apps

apps Fuel Your Apps, headed by the Chad, also known as the Engle, or his Chad Engleness is you’re not into the whole brevity thing, is your one stop haven for all things App!

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Apps
10 User Experience Related Resources & Findings

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Fuel Your Illustration

illustration With a loose cannon like Alex Eben Meyer manning the helm of Fuel Your Illustration, you truly never know what to expect from the site, but you know it is always going to shine! With such a rich niche to draw from, FYIllustration is always delivering inspiring and informative posts.

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Illustration
Cardboard Artist: Chris Gilmour

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Fuel Your Interface

interface Editor Jonathan Cutrell, the imaginative driving force of Fuel Your Interface keeps all things interface…well, in your face. Can I get an LOL? Alright. But seriously, with fabulous tips and insightful articles, FYInterface is always at the top of our RSS reads.

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Interface
Three Minute Tip! 3 Quick Photoshop Tips to Help Your Interface Creation

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Fuel Your Writing

writing What can we say about the award winning always awesomesauce filled Fuel Your Writing that we haven’t said already? This wonderful writer’s resource has done nothing but delight us since it launched that we are running out of nice things to say about them. Good thing they are always stepping it up to give us more reasons to say them.

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Writing
8 Nasty Writing Habits You Should Quit

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Fuel Your Coding

coding If it is code you need, then just turn your developmental eye to Doug Neiner and his coding wizkids at Fuel Your Coding. Another community resource that never ceases to bring it, Doug and the FYCo team are favs in our feed.

Check out this fine post from Fuel Your Coding
JavaScript Can Learn: Now Teach It Tricks!

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Fuel Brand Network

Fuel Brand Network has a blog attached to the main Network site so make sure that you stop by to see what Peter Liao and Megan Wantz are cooking up!

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Fuel Your Creativity Español

Do not be mistaken, just because FYC Español is another Creativity incarnation in the Network that they have all the same posts and content as the English counterpart…far from it! Javier and his team have assembled some hard hitting and awesomely inspired material for the Network so make sure that you get your bilingual butt in gear and get subscribed to FYC Español!

Fuel Your Creativity Japanese

Once more, this incarnation of the Creativity site, FYC Japanese, is jam packed with fresh content and inspired articles. Aki has crafted an astounding arsenal of posts that are sure to get your creative fires burning without end. If you have not been checking out the feed from FYC Japanese, then you are definitely missing out on some stellar design related inspiration. So get on over and check them out!

FYC Flickr Group Showcase

mariani alberto : rupertalbegraphics wallpaper

SchemingEye : Untitled

teodoru : GasTon and Tento

LouisCarnage : Philippe Auger

Stéphane Massa-Bidal : LIFE (BY PLANE)

Angie is a freelance web and graphic designer who brings her love of community to the online design collective as co-editor of Fuel Your Creativity. You can view her online portfolio at Arbenting or follow her on Twitter


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