Fuel Your Coding

New Fuel Brand Network Site Launch:


Welcome Fuel Your Coding to the Fuel Brand Network of sites! Along with a new site and a fresh color comes a new editor for the site!

Gaya Kessler, Editor

fuel-coding-gayaWe were looking for a developer who encompasses everything that Fuel Your Coding is about and Gaya Kessler, a super duper native of the Netherlands, fits the bill. In his position as Editor, Gaya uses his years of experience in coding and development, as well as his love of Nintendo and hardcore music, to bring creatives everywhere valuable coding advice, articles and other meaningful content that we promise you’ll love and read over and over. Do you love CSS and XHTML? Got ya covered. How about Javascript, PHP, CSS and ajax? He’s a pro. So no worries, you’ll get it all. Oh, and the Nintendo and hardcore music is just icing on the cake as far as we’re concerned.

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