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You interface designers have your work cut out for you. Bigger and better and uber creative websites are cropping up everywhere these days. It always seems as if one form is niftier than the rest, or the typography on one site puts others to shame. How can you even begin to keep up? Why, Fuel Your Interface, of course! It’s here that we bring you the inspiration for those bigger and better and uber creative sites in the form of articles, interviews and galleries. And those other sites that you drool over? Five bucks says they come here too.

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Interface-JonathanJonathan Cutrell, Editor

Jonathan Cutrell is more than a triple threat, he’s an anomaly, folks. With extensive experience in web, motion and print graphic design as well as branding and copy editing, Jonathan excels at it all…all the while finding time to play anything from folk rock to jazz on his guitar. As Editor of Fuel Your Interface, he’s tackling one his most challenging projects to date: keeping you up to date on the who’s who, the what’s what and everything else that goes into creating uber creative and eye-catching interfaces for your clients and business. Expect things such as interviews with experts and gurus, reviews of today’s hottest apps and galleries from impressive designers like yourself.

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