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Ah, so you know your way around a dark room, eh? Maybe you’ve graduated from the old point and shoot to a camera that makes REAL magic. Nice to meet ya! We like people like you, after all, seeing the world through your lenses reminds us what a crazy world it really is. It’s because we like you that we’ve dedicated a website-Fuel Your Photography- to inspiring you. There are articles, tools and interviews with your fellow lens lovers to get your creative juices flowing and to arm you with the knowledge you need to be able to answer important questions like “does the camera add 10 pounds?” On second thought, you’re on your own for that one.


About the Team

photography-stacyStacy Christian, Editor

Give Fuel Your Photography Editor Stacy Christian some fresh fruit, chocolate and permission to sleep late and she’ll be set for life. OK, so you may want to throw in her current location in Kaneohe, HI as well. Yes, the rest of us are jealous too. But FYP is lucky to have this talented photographer as part of our team as she boasts many years of experience as a professional photographer who has lived and taken pictures all over the country including in Georgia, Utah and Virginia. As co-Editor of FYP with Thayne Shumway, Stacy is dedicated to bringing all photography creatives the latest information in the photography world including the hottest gadgets to check out and interviews with the coolest cats.

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photography-thayne1Thayne Shumway, Editor

As Editor of Fuel Your Photography, Thayne Shumway puts his field expertise, experience, creative vision and his unique perspective on the world to good use. When we found out he has a knack for winning free fast food and charity photography contests…that just sealed the deal! Thayne will be dedicating his time to keeping photography aficionados everywhere informed on the who’s who, the what’s what and everything else in the photography world.  And no, he won’t share any fries. We’ve already asked.

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A Roundup of New Articles

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  6. Blue Helmets and Kevlar Vests
  7. Creative Books
  8. New Orleans Post Katrina

Founder, Chief Product Officer at Tinder. Designer. Foodie. Loves coffee and beta apps. Tweets a lot. adellecharles.com for the rundown.


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