Go Media’s New Color Radials Vector Pack

Chances are, if you are into the awesomeness that are vectors, then you are already familiar with the Go Media Arsenal. And furthermore, chances are that if you are familiar with Go Media, then you, like us, get excited whenever the Go Media crew releases a new set of vectors into the community. Well, then get excited, friends, because the time is upon us! And the exciting news doesn’t stop there…


The team over at Go Media contacted us, asking if we wanted to give away a couple of the vectors from the new set, and we jumped at the opportunity to share them with you all. Below is a summary of the latest vector set from the Arsenal and a special bonus announcement for the readers of our blog.

There are quite a few (4 of 7) packs featuring brilliant Technicolor in Vector Set 16, but none quite as bold as “Color Radials”. We wanted to follow up our original “Radials” pack with a younger, hipper sibling. Now that we have all the wavelengths of the rainbow with which to work, things get interesting! Inside the full pack you’ll find color wheels, sunbursts, ornate circles, and pigment bombs. I think Adelle chose two of the coolest images in the pack to share with you for free, so thank her for her good taste!


They have also created a product-specific discount coupon for Color Radials.

Code: fuelyourcolor

This code gets our readers 15% off of the Color Radials vector pack.

And Now, The Freebie




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