Graphic USA – An alternate guide to 25 US cities

Travel Guides. We’ve all seen them, there’s hundreds to choose from. All with some sort of pitch for the best places to go. But, will the places be good? Will I even like them? I am basing my entire exploring experience on what ‘some guy’ in this book says… Enter: Graphic USAAn alternate guide to 25 US cities.

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Graphic USA is an alternative guide that offers a fresh perspective into the boring travel guide segment. Each of the 25 cities are reviewed, written and illustrated by designers living in their respective cities. Not only does this book contain great places to go it also includes cutting edge creative design which, is a heck of a way to chart your way across these fantastic cities and a lot more user friendly that travel-guides in the past. The book is arranged with beautiful full color spreads and no detail has been left untouched. The best part about the book is that since each section has been handcrafted by an illustrator, artist or designer each section feels unique and showcases the vibe of the current city being reviewed. It also gives unique insight into local places that are off the beaten path. The great dive-bars that offer the best views or the best fresh seafood. You will use it as a gallery of beautiful images or a directory of talented illustrators and designers and most importantly a great travel-guide for a weird and wonderful alternative road trip across America.


The content of the book includes:
Anchorage, Alaska | Laura Feraco
Atlanta, Georgia | Laurie Forehand
Austin, Texas | Bryan Keplesky
Baltimore, Maryland | Elizabeth Graeber
Boston, Massachusetts | Esther Uhl
Charleston, South Carolina | Jay Fletcher
Chicago, Illinois | Daniel Blackman
Denver, Colorado | Gwenda Kaczor
Detroit, Michigan | Angela Duncan
Kansas City, Missouri | Ramzy Masri & Morgan Ashley Allen
Los Angeles, California | Tal Rosner
Memphis Tennessee | Alex Harrison
Miami, Florida | Michelle Weinberg
Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Mike Krol
Minneapolis, Minnesota | Adam Turman
New Orleans, Louisiana | Tom Varisco
New York, New York | Camilla BenBassat
Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia | Katie Hatz
Phoenix, Arizona | Jon Ashcroft
Portland Oregon, | Briar Levit
Providence, Rhode Island | Adam Lucas
San Fransico, California | Cameron Ewing
Seattle, Washington | Björn Soneson
St. Louis, Missouri | Rachel Newborn
Washington, DC | Joshua Graham Guenther

Graphic USA also has an older brother Graphic Europe which which takes you through 31 European cities. These titles are released from cicada books based out of London. If you want more information on either of these titles check out Cicada for the full details and availability. This book has taken it’s place in my suitcase for my new definitive travel-guide. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re looking for travel inspiration, great places to eat, drink or stay or something fresh in the travel industry.

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