GTD Apps

Lately I have been reading a lot about GTD Apps (Getting things done). I am always forgetting to do something or need to be reminded because my brain functions so fast it’s already onto the next thing! I read a couple great articles online that lead me to an app called Remember the Milk. Just today I read an article about a new beta app called SHIFD.

rtm.pngFirst let’s talk about Remember the Milk. The basic app is free and works really well. I can schedule tasks, reminders and I even put when my bills are due so that I am reminded on a daily basis. You can integrate it within gmail, that’s actually my favorite feature since I barely use a calendar program, it’s just easier since I am checking my email all the time. You can organize anyway your heart desires, get reminded through SMS, email and IM. I highly recommend checking out this app if your into GTD.

shiftd.png Next up…SHIFD. It’s currently in beta but you can sign up on their website. I’m new to this app so I will have to add more on this one later. As far as I can tell it’s a pretty simple interface, very clean looking and sorts items by Notes, Places & Links. You can also use the tag feature. This app is probably for you if you use more than one computer and a phone with web features.

If you have anything to add to this GTD list that looks promising, drop me a comment.


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