Hand Drawn Wings (Vectors)


For Vector Pack 14, Hand Drawn Wings became a stand out example of why the folks over at Go Media love to create art. Graphite, ink & moleskine fibers went flying & soon Go Media artists Adam Law, Jeff Finely & Bill Beachy had created a truly impressive collection of wings.


The cool kids over at Go Media gave me a sneak peak of the full vector pack 14. Of course it left me wanting more and I hear the rest of the collection will be coming out soon so be watching out for it!

Check out the details of the latest release, they are so beautifully hand drawn.



If you’d like to grab a free vector from the pack head over to Go Media and download it!

Better yet, if you can afford to buy the pack, do it….it’s totally worth it! (Come on it’s only $9.99)!


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