Have you gotten your tickets for "An Event Apart"?

What is it?

An Event Apart is a two-day conference put on by Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of Happy Cog. They are joined by guest speakers (listed below) who have gained expertise in each of their areas. An Event Apart is from the makers of A List Apart, which is known for its knowledgeable contributors. If you are into web interface design, make sure you check out An Event Apart!

Info for Chicago, October 12-13


Jason Santa Maria, web designer
Kristina Halvorson, founder and president of BrainTraffic
Dan Brown, author of Communicating Design
Whitney Hess, strategic partner to Happy Cog
Andy Clarke, author of Transcending CSS
Brett Welch, co-founder of GoodBarry
Aaron Gustafson, co-author of AdvancED DOM Scripting
Simon Willison, developer at Guardian News and Media
Luke Wroblewski, author of Web Form Design
Dan Rubin, co-author of Web Standards Creativity
Dan Cederholm, author of Handcrafted CSS

Info for San Francisco, December 7-8


Jarred Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering
Andy Budd, UX Lead of Clearleft
Dave Shea creator of CSS Zen Garden
George Oates, writer and content strategist
Michal Migursky, technology head at Stamen
Ethan Marcotte, head designer at Airbag Industries
Jeffrey Veen, author of Art & Science of Web Design
Jonathan Snook, web expert
Sarah Nelson, design strategist for Adaptive Path

Get your tickets quick! Just head over to the home page of An Event Apart to learn more!


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