If I Could Only Read 10 Blogs…

Well that would just be darn right hard! “If I could only read ten blogs” was written by Jacob at Just Creative Design. Just this week I wrote 55+ Design RSS Feeds Roundup, BUT if I had to narrow it down – then my top 10 would be as follows….

1. Hell Yeah Dude is A Voice for a Young Generation, written by Patrick Algrim. Delivering its readers fresh served information ranging anywhere from marketing, technology, web development, entrepreneurship, and arts. Subscribe to Hell Yeah Dude.

2. Six Revisions is about providing useful and practical information for web developers and designers, written by Jacob Gube. Subscribe to Six Revisions.

3. Just Creative Design is graphic design blog that focuses on all areas of design and creativity with great tips, resources & articles, written by Jacob Cass. Subscribe to Just Creative Design.

4. PSDTuts is a blog/photoshop site made to house and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around. If you haven’t checked this one out yet, I highly recommend! Subscribe to PSDTuts.

5. i love typography is designed to inspire its readers, to make people more aware of the typography that is around them. It’s so yummy! Subscribe to i love typography.

6. Design Float is a social media site dedicated to the design industry. Design Float aims to collect and organize design-related content from across the web while letting the community float the best articles to the top pages of their categories and sink the most irrelevant one’s to the bottom. I wouldn’t be able to live without this one. The best of the best – so many resources. Subscribe to Design Float.

7. Abduzeedo has great tutorials, and some of the best interviews! You have to check out this site, it’s truly inspiring. Subscribe to Abduzeedo.

8. Web Designer Wall has in my opinion the best web trends and tutorials. Also, you can go wrong with a great looking site. Subscribe to Web Designer Wall.

9. Smashing Magazine has everything. Tutorials, the best roundups, articles & even jobs. Subscribe to Smashing Magazine.

10. Noupe is a web developers dream. However it’s great for designers too. They have so many resources, it’s a good one! Subscribe to Noupe.


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