Inspiration from Across the Design Spectrum 08/06/09

As we continue in our goal of inspiring minds, through inspired designs, we have compiled another inspirational powerhouse of a post. Once again, widening our focus beyond just one type of design, and branching across the vast design spectrum for a showcase of breathtaking artistry. We have gone in search for a second run at collecting engaging pieces of art, whose rich attitude and often complex nature, radiates from within it, making the design, itself, interactive. We have been so awestruck by these amazing designs, that we believe they will be a source of inspiration to others out there as well, fueling the creative endeavors driving us all. So without any further ado, here are the inspired designs…

Interior Design

St. Saviours by Stefan Boublil is a simply amazing rendition of an old church into an expansive plush living space. Beautiful interiors throughout.


Product Design

I’m not a battery by Mehmet Gozetlik has got to be one of the most inventive salt and pepper sets that we have seen in a while, and we just had to include them in this collection.


Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics by Brian Castleforte is a stunning video short with fluid camera work and mind blowing typographical sequences that are sure to delight anyone fanning a creative flame. Follow the link to view the video, you won’t be sorry!


Logo Design

Christophor Logo Development by Denis Olenik is a sleek and stylish logo design that we had never seen before. We didn’t think others should have to wait any longer to see this elegant creation, either, so we thought we would share it with you.



Pirates! – Magda Wunsche by RetouchOne is an awesome collection of fantastically flamboyant hair designs, set off by the make-up and clothing or lack there of. The hair creations are artistically crafted and teased into quite an inspiring coif.


Industrial Design

The Spot by Jason Battersby is beyond amazing both in concept and design. This futuristic, elegant vehicle caught more than our eyes, it caught our imaginations on fire! We hope it’s catching…


Layout Design

Designs for a fashion show by Andreas Hidber is a great example of minimalistic layout design that uses large typography beautifully to set off the print design’s tone and capture the feel of the fashion it is speaking for.



VIE PRIVEE by Andrey & Lili is an extremely captivating set of photographs, with the below black and white being a favorite of ours. The composition of each capture is artistic enough, but combine the models emotive poses and these images speak more than a thousand words…they speak poetry.



Architectural Projects by Matthias Kaeding is more than a creative architectural concept, it is an inspiringly inventive structural wonder that we cannot wait to see move into the next stages of development. This is another example where you would be missing out by not clicking through to watch the video.



Worlds and creatures by Teodoru Badiu is an imaginative illustration that colorfully bursts from the screen with its creative characters and just a hint of creepy underpinning. His work which takes you to a bright new world varies in its revealing of the darkness underneath. Very inspiring collection.



Body Painting by Tim Engle is another example that we found which stole our breath away. Tim Engle turns his models bodies into rich deep canvases for his intricate artistic creations, and he does it with elegant style!


An Added Word of Thanks

If you like this post and the other great content from Fuel Your Creativity then make sure you thank Pixel Graphic Design Studio for all of their support. Pixel Graphic Design Studio are the fantastically creative folks that brought you John Neiner’s fabulous Illustrator PDF tutorial, The Art of Making Super-Fast Vector Illustrations, the groups current featured project. With an impressive portfolio, spanning several areas of design, these creative powerhouses can meet your design needs from web to print to branding and more. And do not forget to check out John’s vector PDF tutorial while you’re there!

Rob is the talented author and graphic designer, celebrated podcaster and poet, who is now the co-editor and imaginative co-contributor of Fuel Your Creativity. With a background working through most areas of the arts, Rob works from a creative wellspring that shows no signs of running dry.


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