Inspiration from Across the Design Spectrum

One of the goals that we have is to be inspiring minds, through inspired designs, and it was in that context that this post was compiled. We also did not want to focus completely on just one type of design, but instead, wanted to reach across the vast spectrum to find inspiring pieces from the entire gamut. We spanned the interwebs collecting engaging pieces of art, whose rich attitude and often complex nature, radiates from within it, making the design, in a way, interactive. We hope that you find this post sparking the flames of imagination and fueling the creative fires to carry you through whatever endeavor you are undertaking. So without any further ado, here are the inspired designs…

Fashion / Costume Design

This stunning, original outfit was a design collaboration piece by Kattaca and Paco Peregrin.


This hauntingly dark tshirt design by Haydex Li, is an amazing illustration set off by the subtle inclusions of red.


With so many beautiful photographs to choose from in Joanna Kustra’s gallery, we had a difficult time just selecting one.


Print Layout

Balsam Studio’s portfolio was uniquely styled into a book layout, and this typography heavy entry was an immediate favorite of ours.


Packaging / Product Design

This product and packaging innovation is a collaboration between Burak Kaynak and Cem Has, that takes a toasty approach to taking notes.


Architectural / Structural Design

Blue Crystal designed by Sven Sauer, is such an amazing concept of structurally combining water, light, and sound into a breathtaking floating enclosure unlike any other.


Make-Up / Hair Design

This minimalist look crafted by Aimee Graham, turns the model into a soft, snowy blank canvas with poignant inclusions of black to set off the eyes with contrast.


Web Design

Rotondo Pizzeria and Cafe’s website combines a subdued monotone color scheme with a clean, minimalist layout that makes the site both user friendly and easy on the eyes.


Logo Design

The Coca-Cola script was designed by an amateur, Frank Robinson, the fledgling company’s bookkeeper. He devised both the Spencerian script and the brilliantly concise words beneath: “Delicious and Refreshing.” This is one of the most timeless logos ever created. Follow the link to see what we mean.

Coke vs Pepsi


Interior Design

It is not often that we come across an interior design that makes us long to occupy the space that has been put together, but this design by Stefan Boublil does exactly that!


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