Instapaper = simple

screenshotThis may be one of the most simple and useful mini apps out there. Every day starts the same way for me:

1. check email

2. Read my favorite blogs / rss feeds

3. get interrupted

4. leave open 6 tabs that I wanted to read

5. do some work

6. get interrupted

7. go back to reading an article I was interested in

8. get interrupted….get the idea?

All I have to say is Instapaper. Signup is easy, free and quick. Drag the little bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar. Instead of having endless tabs open that you KNOW your not going to get to, navigate to the page and click “read later”. That’s it! Instapaper keeps an ongoing list of pages that you want to return to when YOU have the time. (did I mention it works on the iphone too?) Instapaper was created by Created by Marco Arment. Genius Idea!


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