Interview with Jesse Hora

Jesse Hora rocks. Any guy who can fit the terms “douche bag boss” and “arrogant pricks” within the first 10 questions of an interview has this writer’s attention.

Growing up in rural Michigan meant his creative mind had to look to unusual places for inspiration. When not checking out garage sales, basements and candy wrappers for the next design idea, a young Hora could be found holed up with Grandpa, listening intently to a no doubt, embellished version of the local newspaper funnies. He always aspired to be a cartoonist when growing up and his Grandfather’s stint as a commercial artist did nothing but foster this desire. The candy wrappers and basements of yesterday have been replaced with today’s technology and information overload fondly known as the internet.

One of eight children in his family, Hora was determined not to get lost in the shuffle once he grew up and moved on. After getting his BFA from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, he hooked up with a placement agency that got him a gig in the branding and strategy department of a major office supply retailer. Apparently Hora has been one of the lucky few when it comes to first jobs right out of school. “It was much cooler than one would expect, at least the projects I was working on,” he said. While most professionals have horror stories and a laundry list of complaints about the pay and the menial tasks they were forced to perform at their first job, all this designer could have done without was the 2-hour daily commute.

Even though there is no longer an agonizing commute to dread, that doesn’t mean that Hora’s client list isn’t without its frustrations. He tells that story of a mural project he was in the midst of with a big client when they switched gears because some people in the company didn’t like it. “I felt defeated, but that’s the way it goes.”

Like the occasional client project, is forever moving forward and changing; the only constant being that it always will. Hora the man on the other hand, is more comfortable with what would be considered “retro” these days. A fan of house parties, Schlitz beer and run-of the-mill Snickers bars, Hora is a firm believer of the age-old adage “the shoes make the man.” So much in fact, that his exclusive mode of transportation for the last few years has been “the Purps,” an old school pair of Reebok Pumps sneakers in a color purple that should never have been assigned to any type of footwear, let alone sports footwear. They are ready to be hung up for good, he says. The streets of Chicago have been good to them.

The windy city has been good to Hora as well. He currently resides in the Wicker Park neighborhood with his designer girlfriend Abby and their sickeningly adorable English Bulldog Hogan. As to be expected, Hogan reigns over their condo and goes to work as a dog only a few times a day, when he decides it’s play time and goes “full throttle for a wild 10 minutes,” after which he retires back to his throne at Hora’s feet. When asked why a bulldog, his answer is as old school as to be expected, “they are awesome. Super chill, super gnarley.”

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Michelle Krasniak is a freelance writer and frequent contributor whose various rantings can be found on her blog, She loves fanny packs and being gossiped about and recently married a guy who obviously doesn’t know what he got himself into.


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