jQuery Conference 2009

Today is the kickoff of the two-day conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Interface designers around the world are gathering to get a big dose of learning over the next two days. What’s so important about it, you ask? Beyond the packed schedule full of great speakers, there is a lot of important news for user interface designers that will be happening.

ThemeRoller and jQuery UI

Filament Group’s Scott Jehl and Todd Parker will be doing an extensive overview of jQuery UICSS framework and ThemeRoller. These tools are indispensable for many interface designers. jQuery UI makes it incredibly easy to create interactions such as drag-and-drop, widgets such as datepickers, sliders, tabs, and progressbars, or a set of effects (not jQuery’s built in effects) that are custom to interface design, such as Explode, Clip, and Fold. (See the full list).
Oh, and if you’d like to create a theme before committing to the download (which is only 300.3 kb minified) then take a look at ThemeRoller. jQuery UI, like jQuery, is hosted on Google AJAX libraries API.

Fuel will be there

Doug Neiner, editor of FuelYourCoding, will be sitting in the audience soaking up all the information he can. (Which is a lot.) Be sure to check out FuelYourCoding for tips on jQuery and a ton of other coding information.

Twitter links

jQuery Conference Search

John Resig (creator of jQuery)

Filament Group

Scott Jehl

Doug Neiner (FuelYourCoding)

For those of you who are at the conference, let us know what you think! Also, make sure to look for Doug and say hello!


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