Liberated Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting is to most merely a means to an end. A dull process of technical mumbo jumbo – a simple necessity to launch an inspiring new web design or dynamic website. But as we all are dependent on hosting and deal with our own practically every day, it seems only right to explore its inspirational span and creative potentials.

There are many ways to build a website, dozens of script languages to use, different CSS standards and all with their own pros and cons. But if you are looking for creative freedom and an optimal inspirational atmosphere it comes down to three components; Linux operative system, PHP script language and a dedicated server. All three that can be prompted for when choosing web hosting.

On your terms – Linux operative system
This might sound uninspiring but in an industry where customers often are assumed incapable of self-maintenance, the more freedom you have and space to create your own the better. The Linux operative system is based on the concept Open Source where all source code is modifiable by the user. Total control and no restrictions or technical limitations – unless you say so. Most web hosts offer the option to choose between Windows, Linux or other operative systems installed on their servers. But to get desired developing freedom you need also to choose a certain hosting type.

Creative freedom – Dedicated server
A dedicated server equals all the freedom you can get when picking web hosting. The only other option that comes close is running an own home server. But if you can live with spending a few dollars you can get a dedicated server at a web hosting company with included Linux operative system. Now you will have total control to modify the system to meet your needs and creative framework.

Dynamic programming – PHP
PHP short for Hypertext Preprocessor is the most recent scripting language to take the world by storm. Embeddable into HTML, using css stylesheets and a simple frameset has allowed PHP to become the one common website language at the moment. Blending the basic structure of good ‘ole html and the possibilities of many dynamic preferences, PHP is a leading part of Web design 2.0.

If you include these three elements in your hosting deal you will perhaps not feel the instant gratification or the flow of inspiration. However, a dedicated server, linux and PHP will form a stable platform for any web designer. Now you will be able to set up the most innovative and unique websites, not only graphically but also technically. This is true liberated hosting and if this does not fuel your creativity, ask any hosting customer and they’ll give you a glimpse of just how complicated website hosting can be.

About the Author

Brian is a dedicated geek for websites and loves to help people be passionate about websites and designing. His blog on Web Hosting Search, Brian’s Hosting blog, is about designing, random bits, and of course website hosting.


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