Life as inspiration

My passion and designs are done through words, so this is going to be a hugely different post from the helpful links that Adelle gives, but hopefully just as useful at some point.

One of my favorite activities to do when I’m looking for some writing ideas is people watch. It’s easy, free and requires very little equipment. Not to mention the entertainment aspect of it. We live in a crazy, back-asswards society, so why can’t that translate into your designs?

My writing centers around me because I’m completely egocentric, but that self-awareness gives me the ability to take a step back and question whether or not it’s me that has the issues, or if it is everyone around me. My decision on that point depends on the situation. Recognizing the differences or perceived differences between them and me is what inspires me.

I know that all designers have their “look.” That is what makes you successful with your clients and peers. Maybe in day-to-day designing that becomes kind of monotonous without you realizing it. My recommendation to designers of all kinds is to take a couple of hours every now and then and to experience the characters in this world. That doesn’t mean that you have to take a chair and camp out at the nearest corner. And don’t go to a place that is comfortable to you like a park or a coffee shop, either. Start-off by going to a grocery store that is on the other side of town from you. It may be a “lower” class of people or what you may feel is a “higher class.” You will see huge differences between the two, as well as some similarities. There is beauty, art and craziness in them both. Through these people I have experienced anger, passion, sadness and joy. Try keeping these emotions in mind when you’re designing. Some of my favorite places to go are thrift shops, Walmart, Catholic churches (I’m Catholic so I can attest to the huge gamut of wackiness that resides within those doors) and airports. It’s important not to be the creepy person that stares intently at everyone though.

And as always, I welcome snarky comments as well as adoration and worship to the post I have spewed above as well as on Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, honest people rock.

Author info: This post was guest blogged by Michelle Krasniak. Michelle is a good friend of mine and a very talented writer.


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